We've come to kill screensharing.

Let's look at an (all-too) familiar screenshare experience:

Participants are stuck as passengers in the backseat, unable to take part or interact with the content, and unable to read what's on-screen.

‍"Can you zoom in a bit please?"

Meanwhile, the host is stuck steering for everyone, and often doesn't know if people can even see their screen.

‍"Can you see my screen?"

ðŸ’ū It's all very web 1.0.

And along the way, we all went remote – but the bottlenecks of low-quality, high-friction sharing are squeezing out natural collaboration.

It's time for a re-think.

We're building a new way to collaborate in the place where the work (and play) really happens in 2021 – in the browser.
The internet is a multiplayer space and it deserves a multiplayer browser. Whatever you're looking at, or whatever app you're working in, hop in with others.

It's time to be together in the browser.

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